From Prop to Protagonist: working with objects and people, circus and brass


Director: Lynne Kent. Circus Performers; Matthew Anderson, Ella Rose, Mark Graham, Brendan Jones, Kam Mc Kinnon, Tim Rutty and Amy Nightingale Olsen. Music played by Ichy Feet at Federation Square Melbourne 2018. 

In a recent site specific production – Armistice Living Tribute, six circus performers, eight stretchers and community brass bands around Victoria brought to life the largely unheard and unseen stories of Australian stretcher bearers of World War 1. The production was in collaboration with Cultural Infusion and The Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet for the 2018 ANZAC Centenary. The production Armistice Living Tribute, is an example of how working with material thinking in performance can elevate an inanimate object from prop to protagonist.


Stretcher bearer cast in Altona 2018

Choreography with Stretchers

From left to right: Brendan Jones, Mathew Anderson, Amy Nightingale Olsen, Kam McKinnon,Tim Rutty (in foreground), Mark Graham performing in Altona, 2018.