Joe Blanck

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Joe Blanck aka. A Blanck Canvas

With 15 years of scenic art, building and creature painting experience under his belt, Joe Blanck is a passionate and accomplished painter and maker. Joe is now running his own studio ‘A Blanck Canvas’ in Coburg North with a team of amazing makers. And now in 2016 A Blanck Canvas is creating large scale installations and puppets for events such as Cirque Du Soleil, ICC Cricket World Cup, Summersalt Festival, Future Music and the Jurassic World Exhibition.

In this episode of Thingmaking, Joe talks about his love of gooey materials. Silicon, latex, and paint are used to design, sculpt and create props and puppets large and small. Joe generously shares his process of working with materials with us on thing making and also on his Instagram page ablanckcanvas.

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