professional development for teachers

Education in the Arts … can be described as being sustained and systemic learning in the skills, way of thinking and presentation of each art forms … education which uses creative and artistic pedagogies to teach all curricula, i.e. education through the Arts – enhances overall academic attainment, reduces school disaffection and promotes positive cognitive transfer.

(Bamford, 2006, p. 12)

SELFIE: exploring my identity, Artist: Lynne Kent with students from Broadford Primary School and The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne 2017.

This project explores what it means to live, work and play in the digital world. Through this opportunity, students, teachers, the artist and the organisation interrogate the similarities and differences between the live and the digital. Through working with their digital self in performance, students cross the intermedial divide from stage to screen and back again. The digi-self can go anywhere, be anything- and this can be magical and wonderful. Students actively engage with and reflect on questions like; what can my digital-self do that my ‘live’ self cannot? How is my digital self-different or similar to my ‘live’ self? And, if my digital self could go anywhere and do anything, where would I go and what would I do?